The Golden Spool

Thank you so much for your interest in a custom vendor apron! I've worked with wedding and event planners, photographers, florists, and stationery designers to create an apron to carry their must-haves when they need them most. We work one-on-one to select fabrics, colors, and details to create a finished product that both represents your brand and makes that big wedding day that much easier. 

The Process

  1. Get in contact! Let me know what you're thinking in terms of aesthetics, quantity, and turnaround time. 

  2. When you're ready to order, I send an invoice via PayPal and we can get the process started! After payment is made, I will need a high resolution file of your logo to transfer your brand from digital to tactile. You haven't seen how special your logo can get until it's embroidered in your brand's colors!

  3. We work closely together to coordinate all of the details. Fabric choices, colors, design options, and other little specifics you need in order to make your apron work for you. I work with you sending my suggestions, fabric swatches, and photos for your consideration and approval. 

  4. Once all decisions are made and the materials have arrived at my studio, I get to sewing and embroidering! Current production time is approximately three to four weeks.

  5. Your custom vendor apron is done! I'll send you a shipment confirmation and all that's left for you to do is sit back, relax, and anxiously await your new apron made with love & intention. 

Aprons measure approximately 21" wide by 15" high and include three pockets. Labor and materials begins at $70, logo embroidering begins at $25.